Zero degrees, lots of fun.

Zero° is a line of ice cream and frozen treats developed by local Vancouver business Chocolate Arts. Chocolate Arts engaged ED&I to create an identity system that could scale alongside their product roll-out. A Vancouver based company, Chocolate Arts crafts chocolates daily in small batches using locally grown, fine ingredients. With the development of a new line of ice cream and frozen products, the team at Chocolate Arts were looking for a sub-brand to exist under, but stand out from their existing store brand.

The visual identity needed to be bright and fun, and include assets that could lend themselves to social media campaigns to help drive traffic on summer days. As a small business committed to sustainable packaging practices, the branding also allows Chocolate Arts to apply the modular visual language system across a variety of needs and products.

The Client

Chocolate Arts




To create an identity system and design language that could scale flexibly with the product roll-out and changes.


ED&I worked with the Chocolate Arts team to create a brand that reflected their core goals and vision for this new ice cream product offering.



Drawing direction from the metric, measured name, and its ° glyph, a series of structural, highly simplified illustrations serve as a visual icon system for the various ice-cream products under the Zero° brand.

The icy teal cool palettes of sub-zero degrees is paired with a vibrant red — resulting in a dynamic colour duo that is playful and also ties the brand back to its richer, red parent brand.

Using both in-house and outsourced solutions, Chocolate Arts needed to flexibly build their packaging range, signage, and branding materials. The adaptive visual assets support the business requirements for quick turn-around deliveries and modifications across multiple mediums and contexts — from cafe signage, pop-up installations, marketing materials and key packaging assets.