A unified voice for a connection-driven team.

The Department of Continuing Professional Development (CPD), University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine, provides continuing education to health care professionals across the province. They offer a wide range of activities and services that address current challenges, and help healthcare practitioners navigate their professional lives and grow in their practices. ED&I was asked to refresh and improve the organization brand strategy, and to create a comprehensive and flexible tool kit for communications and brand that could be used by the growing CPD team of 44 staff members.

ED&I created a design system that would be recognizable, cohesive, and visually engaging, yet maintain effective communication strategies that would be eye-catching and efficient for a notoriously busy audience. The process took the team through a discovery phase, including a user survey and brand messaging workshop. The findings were synthesized into succinct verbal and communication strategies that lay the foundation for the brand guideline and visual directions.

The complete suite of communication and media channels were addressed by ED&I. Together with the foundational brand guideline, ED&I created and trained the team on easy-to-use, adaptable templates for a variety of communication materials. The goal was to equip the growing CPD team with effective tools and guidelines that would allow staff members to independently and confidently communicate their services and activities, yet still represent a professional, consistent, on-brand, and unified CPD voice.

An extensive suite of illustrations and graphic elements, including a redesigned logo and logo mark, were provided for use by this team of instructional designers, educators, researchers, and extended network of subject matter experts who, together, help bring the valuable teachings and insights of health care professionals to the community. With this brand identity, ED&I sought to highlight UBC CPD as a distinct and notable category of continuing professional development, delivering a solution that would appeal to their partners, as well as the health care professionals that they serve.

The Client

UBC Continuing Professional Development




Create a brand identity and engagement strategy for all channels and mediums. Design and produce collateral templates for print-based marketing materials.


An identity system that provides a cohesive verbal and visual experience across UBC CPD’s expansive network and a suite of assets that function to grab the attention of the busy health care professional. A bold, yet airy visual identity that grounds UBC CPD in its connection and impact to the health care community.




The UBC CPD team engaged in a series of small branding and design thinking exercises, offering space to step back from the day-to-day and make new connections about what they stand for and how they are perceived, forming the foundation for the brand’s verbal and visual communication strategy.


Effective teams think, act, and communicate from the inside out, directing all actions through the core brand purpose. By reinforcing the brand voice across the entire UBC CPD experience, their audience will better understand exactly who they are, what they stand for, and why people should choose them.


Ongoing brand management will support the new brand and messaging strategy as a living and breathing entity, ensuring consistency across different environments, as well as the co-evolution of the UBC CPD brand with the academic team over time.


The redesigned UBC CPD logo incorporates a bold new brand colour, and is optimized to perform across various platforms and scales, while complementing an array of partner and formal university logos. The new logo mark is formed from abstract C, P and D letterforms that create a circle and allude to continuous learning, connection, and the coming together of different practices.

The UBC CPD brand refresh included discovery and articulation of brand perception, underlying brand values, visual language, and messaging rules. ED&I defined and designed a system that could drive engagement with CPD’s courses and services, improve brand awareness and reputation, and create loyal customers.

Semi-continuous line drawings of human interactions and activities give a hand-drawn and grounded quality to the brand — an illustration style that evokes connection in both form and function. A spotlight is added to pull the eye to the central focus and topic of the communication material.

A flexible brand system that reflects the UBC CPD promise of empowering learning and practice improvement.

“My experience with Educe is that they are clearly experts in their field, flexible, creative, and professional. The team always came to meetings well prepared and knew how to keep on track! It was obvious how much they thoroughly understood not only our needs, but our audiences’ needs as well. Of course, in a creative process, some discussions get into brainstorm mode, but the Educe team had open minds and could easily capture new ideas and concepts. They certainly know their stuff and, in over 16 years of experience with re-branding, this time I feel 100% confident that the new branding coming from the Educe office will propel our divisions recognition and reputation.”

Conference Director, UBC Continuing Professional Development