A dialogic language experience.

Babak Golkar is a Visual Artist based out of Vancouver, B.C. ED&I was commissioned by West Vancouver Museum to design the artist book featuring Golkar’s installations Dialectic of Failure, Time to Let Go… and Of Labour, Of Dirt. To provide an immersive and playful experience of Babak Golkar’s work, Educe applied novel strategies to layout, language systems and visual forms, triggering a dialogic catalogue experience that echoes the artist’s practice and work.

Babak Golkar’s installations were featured at West Vancouver Museum, Vancouver Art Gallery’s ‘Offsite’ location in downtown Vancouver and at the Sazmanab/Ab Anbar gallery in Tehran. ED&I designed a book that is especially playful for the bilingual reader—the unconventional rotating layout of text and images invites user participation and interaction. The texts are treated as modular elements that cut into each other, echoing themes of tension in Golkar’s work. ED&I applied a layout design that uses tension, air and pacing to add to the reader experience.

The Client

Studio Babak Golkar




The artist requested a book design that would reflect the playful qualities in his work.


An English and Farsi print presentation of the artwork and accompanied text that presents bilinguality in a meaningful and intentional way — creating a dialogue between the two languages, and contributing to a meta understanding of the artists work and practice.


Art & Creative

A handcrafted printed catalogue that enhances the dialogic experience of the artist's work and practice.

As Farsi is read from right to left and English from left to right, we began both languages at the same cover with a 180 degree vertical rotation. Inset translucent pages with tracings echo the outlines of the featured Scream Pots and allows for the reader to ‘piece’ together elements, evoking a visceral response to layers and form. The artist wedged clay onto each canvas book cover, turning every book into a unique signature piece of art.