Bringing clarity to personalized medicine.

Personalized Medicine treatment and preventative health measures are rapidly maturing in the current marketplace. The Personalized Medicine Initiative (PMI) is accelerating the implementation of solutions in this emerging industry and is an interdisciplinary organization of clinical, practice, and research leaders. Personalized medicine has yet to become a familiar concept for the general public, and in order to demonstrate research, expertise and work in a clear way, ED&I focused on developing an accessible visual and verbal language.

To give people an understanding of the impact of personalized medicine, ED&I created a comprehensive communication strategy to showcase PMI’s role in implementing healthcare practices based on personalized medicine. The pre-existing PMI identity was expanded upon to suit a dynamic, approachable, web experience, making it stand out from traditional scientific websites. By combining design, business strategy, and technology as the core working group, ED&I and PMI worked together to ensure that the articulation and visualizations aligned with the business strategy.

The Client

Personalized Medicine Initiative




To create a communication strategy of accessible language, motion graphics, and infographics to translate PMI's business vision and process.


A communication strategy that highlighted PMI’s role as an incubator with an effective recipe for introducing personalized medicine into healthcare practices.


Social Impact

“Working with Educe Design & Innovation is a pleasure on all counts. Their most impressive attribute, to me, is their ability to listen and capture critical domain-specific concepts and language and convey it in a highly professional manner through their website design and content. Educe staff are responsive to questions with a quick turnaround. I have recommended Educe to several organizations and will continue to do so.”

Project Coordinator, Personalized Medicine Initiative