Design as an inquiry into the future situation of use.

Molecular You’s product offering encompasses a complex user experience that intersects digital and physical touchpoints, and spans across multiple timepoints. As it is based on the detailed molecular data of individuals, every experience matches the unique variation that exists between humans. This big data product pushes the boundaries of the current framework of healthcare, with information that is new, complex, and far more comprehensive than what health practitioners and the general population has been exposed to, or have yet to embrace as every day commodities.

ED&I arranged separate workshops with both end user groups who would be involved — the receivers of the Molecular You product and the health practitioners who were responsible for translating the product findings. Through our research, we set out to evaluate the beta experience that the selected user groups had been through. We planned and executed activities targeted at eliciting a dialogue around ways to enhance the product-service-system. We sought to observe and interpret needs and behaviours, and articulate those into possible service futures, envisioning solutions that did not yet exist.

As a product-service-system design project, our design work involves a breadth of design elements that reach beyond the hard deliverables — activities of planning and organizing people, infrastructure, communication, and material components. We take a holistic approach, using strategic, system, process, and design decisions to map the customer journey, the structure of events, and the touch points for the sensory design. The focus is on the quality of the human experience, considering the moments of engagement between people and the brand, as well as the ideas, emotions, and memories that these moments create.

The Client

Molecular You




Conduct a design research process to evaluate the product beta experience of a selected user group and envision solutions for future situations of use.


A design research workshop that incorporated human-centered approaches and methods to develop a comprehensive product-service-system.


Art & Creative

By exploring the experience domain at the start of the project and by making observations in the current context of use, ED&I planned, articulated, designed, and prepared appropriate research strategies and priorities to include in the design research workshop. Apart from all of the practical elements that go into preparing a workshop — finding a location, planning all equipment needs, creating the materials, and developing a system of categorization and recording — this is also a research planning and pre-design stage that provides the highest opportunity for innovation. It is all about designing tools that seek to find the initial blind spots, before detailed design decision-making starts.

The ED&I team developed research activities targeted at harnessing articulations of the Molecular You service along the following human dimensions:

  • Duration — Initiation, Immersion, Conclusion(s), Continuation
  • Intensity — Engagement, Effort, Reflex, Habits
  • Breadth — Products, Tests, Interfaces, Services, Brands, Language, Channels, Environments, Price
  • Interaction — Passive, Active, Interactive
  • Triggers — All human senses, Concepts, Symbols
  • Significance — Meaning, Status, Emotion, Price, Function


There were two key stakeholders and key user groups for Molecular You’s service: health practitioners (administrators) and people seeking preventive and proactive health services (participants), also called “anti-patients”. The workshop exercises, low fidelity prototypes, and research methods were designed to gather foundational design direction and elements that would be brought to life in the production stage of the product-service-system.


ED&I engaged users who had already tried a beta version of the Molecular You product. The workshop activities were aimed at capturing insights about their personal experience, motivations, and impressions. The evaluative and exploratory exercises were designed to help us refine the Molecular You product and experience as a whole, under the banner goal of “What information and which features are important for you to get from Molecular You?

Mental Model Mapping

Task Analysis

Exploratory Visualization Activity

Kano Analysis