A digital framework for data-driven health experiences.

Molecular data can tell you more than you have ever known about your health. Biological information from your blood provides a scientific baseline and personal blueprint that sets the course for your unique health journey. Imagine utilizing this information to proactively mitigate health risks, to align your health goals and lifestyle, and to optimize the choices you make every day.

Molecular You is a BC start-up poised to take the lead in implementing data-driven, personalized health advice. ED&I was engaged as the creative partner, tasked to envision and bring to life a product that could frame and support a personalized health experience. This involved working with three different user groups — the scientific and administrative team supporting the platform, the health practitioners interpreting the information, and the clients purchasing the molecular testing.

The resulting health platform delivers personalized health advice based on the unique molecular make-up of an individual, helping them to make informed health decisions across metrics such as nutrition, exercise, medication, supplements and mindfulness. The web-based health application translates comprehensive biological information into personalized, actionable health advice, showing the reports in a visually and comprehensive manner, allowing the consumer to see connections and see the bigger picture, but also focus in on the details relevant to their health.

Working in collaboration with a diverse team of medical practitioners, scientists, bioinformatics, data visualizers, and developers, Educe was engaged in all aspects of the product experience, the product definition and development.

The Client

Molecular You


2017 - 2018


Conceptualize and design a digital platform and service that would support and deliver a data-driven, personalized health experience.


A full-service system supporting the delivery of personalized health reports to consumers, including a bespoke internal support platform for client and content management, report interpretation, sample tracking, storefront and booking interface. Also including a mobile-based app for tracking health activities integrated with the platform.


The level of unexplored territory and innovation required a design process of rapid, iterative cycles of exploration and testing. Involving user feedback and testing throughout the entire process, we used low and high fidelity prototypes to envision possible solutions, unravel potential scenarios, explore real needs and mitigate assumptions.


A feature-rich digital environment that houses all your key health data and supports continuous monitoring of your personalized health journey.

All aspects of the customer experience were supported through the web-based application. Detailed health data reports with drill-down capabilities, individualized health action plans, and tracking tools. Engaging visualizations and supportive information, hover text, tips, integrated articles and glossary throughout. Securely purchase more tests and track samples inside the application environment.


The main navigational element of the application is located at the top. It allows the user to switch between their health data, the resulting action plan, the option to order additional tests, a repository of health-related articles, and their account information and settings.


A vertical, secondary navigation becomes available on the left-hand side for certain pages, allowing the user to comfortably find their way through more complex sets of information.


Health action can be tracked on the go with the mobile-friendly app that integrates with other common health trackers.


The health data is divided into different categories, ranging from biomarkers to medication, organ health, and others. Each category uses a different interactive data visualization, designed to make the data easily legible. To guide the users’ attention to areas of importance and concern, the data is color coded across all visualizations.


Molecular testing provides an abundance of data. The platform provides full information transparency and drill-down capabilities of the personalized results, including the underlying, supporting peer-reviewed publications. Each metric allows the user to learn more about its attributes and effects, how it connects to the bigger picture and why it has been flagged by a practitioner as important to focus on.