Training tools that target the learner’s needs.

Educe Learn is a web based platform for creating and managing custom training solutions that target everyday business challenges.

Rather than addressing the top-down training challenges first, ED&I started designing for learners and their day-to-day learning needs and barriers. The research uncovered an array of barriers that were interfering with efficient learning; learning tools were also aggravating the situation by frustrating learners rather than supporting them.

Design Challenges

  • Business organization challenges such as lack of time in the workday, inaccessible folder systems, no tracking of versions
  • Global organization challenges such as timezone differences, internet connectivity issues, dispersed teams, lack of access to experts, lack of communication
  • Cognitive and behavioral challenges such as language barriers, poor training materials that lacked cohesiveness or did not make sense, lack of communication and team work, lack of interest and engagement

These challenges became driving factors behind our design objectives and our “how might we” statements that elicited feature ideas for the Educe Learn platform. The result is a seamless, just-in-time learning experience that supports different learning situations, needs, preferences and stages. The platform houses all course activities in one place that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and supports in-context discussions to form a learning community where everyone can connect to ask each other for advice.

ED&I has designed and developed the entire product-service-system of its product, Educe Learn, and offers it to clients as a SAAS training solution together with creative and education design services.

The Client



2018 - 2019


To create a learning solution that covers all human touchpoints, creating a professional & cohesive e-learning experience. Help employees feel more connected, educated and supported in their learning needs


A custom designed and built SAAS training solution that engages learners at different stages of their learning cycle and encourages personalized learning experiences.




A flexible and feature rich online learning tool that accelerates understanding and personalizes learning experiences.

Video Training

Live Voice Audio

Interactive Transcript

Micro Learning Modules

Different Learning Styles

Visual Modelling

Personalized Learning

We learn differently. To have a tool that is within everyone’s reach, we need to consider learning preferences, styles, time constraints, pace, and level of expertise.


Process maps display the relationships between processes, and show, with incredible clarity, how to get from one place to another.


Manage courses, users and forums for groups and individual discussions. Plan, execute and follow up on various training programs (alerts, updates and communications).