A fresh digital presence for an innovative startup.

To launch a new online presence, Cytapex collaborated with ED&I to redefine its content strategy, design language system, and customer experience. The goal of the engagement strategy was to define a content vision that differentiates the company, engages users, and helps audiences see the services in new ways.

Echoing graphics that are used in the field of flow cytometry, the visual strategy was to enhance rather than “compete” with the technical graphics and data visualizations applied within the services. For a highly specific audience in pharmaceuticals and research, the strategy maintains an easy logical connection between the “original” technical tools and the visual strategy, and also ensures a coherent and streamlined brand experience, strengthening Cytapex’s distinct look and digital brand presence.

Synthesizing research papers into case studies to appeal to users’ aspirations and needs allows Cytapex to pull out and highlight key narratives, findings, value-adds, and differentiating factors, as well as showcase how their technologies are applied in real time scenarios.

The Client

Cytapex Bioinformatics




Create a website presence & engagement strategy that differentiates the company, and helps audiences see the services in new ways.


A custom website design using Grav technology and a redefinition of the company content strategy, design language system and digital user experience.



Cytapex’s key service provisions and stages of their flow cytometry pipeline solution were strategically defined by distinct visual representations, strengthening the brand positions through all Cytapex communications.

A fluorescent visual language was created, inspired by data visualizations and graphics in the field.