Smart learning tools to support complex change.

People’s interactions with corporate software, systems and processes are increasingly complex. They take place across physical and digital platforms, often simultaneously on different channels, and in ways that continue to evolve and grow. Change fatigue, confusion and frustration can kick in and put a stopper to the best planned change initiatives in organizations. For change management to be successful, quick customer adoption, efficient implementation, and adaptation over time are key factors to take into account.

Avnet reached out to ED&I to implement and develop their change management training on our Educe Learn platform. ED&I’s in-house product, Educe Learn, is a training and collaboration tool that has been built with deep consideration of the complete customer journey. From first introductions to expert users, ED&I’s training platform is designed to help people develop a higher understanding of how things connect and enable a learner centric approach to corporate training.

The objective was to create a solution that would resonate with people, reduce their anxiety and make learning accessible. Avnet's custom AI Learning is designed to fit people’s workday, is highly process oriented, is a key lookup tool, and offers a comprehensive picture of system changes.

The Client



2018 — 2019


To develop a holistic approach to training for change. Brand and implement a custom instance of Educe Learn training solution for Avnet change management. Develop instructional materials and train team in sustaining the training methodology and approach.


Focused on supporting learning in the critical moment of need, AI Learning is an accessible, online, comprehensive learning environment that reduces the stress and challenges of change management and fits people’s daily workflow.




Together with the Avnet Effectiveness team, ED&I organized processes and procedures into our transit map mental model and developed a training strategy and content plan that followed a modular structure. Working with the team evolved new feature needs such as known issues tracking and interactive flowmap interfaces.


Custom colour and visual language to suit your company. Easily customizable with key elements from your brand and course content.