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Educe Design & Innovation | Molecular You Logo
Educe Design & Innovation | Molecular You Logo
Educe Design & innovation | Molecular You
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Educe Design & innovation | Molecular You
Educe Design & innovation | Molecular You
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Molecular You

Scope of Work

Web Application
Brand Identity
Product Strategy
Web Design
Service Design
Product Design

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Comprehensive design leads Molecular You’s entry into transforming healthcare.

We are living in an age of digital data, and are in need of companies that develop smart ways to make Big Data useful and applicable. Molecular You is a start-up company in British Columbia, poised to take a lead in implementing data-driven precision healthcare.

To position themselves as a leading provider of precision health, Molecular You turned to Educe’s design expertise. Molecular You has developed technologies, tools and approaches that will make big data in the health management field useful and actionable—moving beyond rear-view-mirror reports and dashboards, to developing predictive and prescriptive insights. It is an ambitious undertaking with innovation happening on multiple levels.

From the start, Educe has collaborated side by side with the quickly expanding new business, designing all of the user touch-points of the service from scratch and helping to build their new technology into a service with market appeal.



The objective has been to, not only create a functioning, usable data-driven service and product, but also introduce innovation that is disrupting and transforming behaviours and user experiences in the field.

Educe has conducted design research with both practitioners and clients to understand the information management needs and attitudes in the field from multiple user perspectives. Always asking ourselves—How could the data be shared and experienced in a way that is not only accurate, but useful, actionable and transformative. Uncovering insights and a deep understanding of user behaviours allowed us to continually evaluate and develop strategies to make the application resonate with users.

The Educe team has worked side-by side with a diverse team that includes doctors, scientists, bioinformaticians, data visualizers, health coaches and more. The level of unexplored ground and innovation required a process of rapid, iterative cycles of design exploration and testing. Both low and high fidelity design prototypes have been created and tried, in order to envision possible solutions, and unpackage potential scenarios, user needs and business assumptions.



Over the course of six months, Educe has led the design of the Molecular You platform into a unified experience. The team has conceptualized and prototyped almost every aspect of Molecular You’s products and services. Data design, service design, communication strategy, home and clinic testing experiences, purchasing flows, and how the service will be used over the long term are all areas that Educe has considered and designed for. This along with traditional branding design elements, including Molecular you’s logo, tagline and visual identity, unify and create a cohesive visual experience across Molecular You’s many touch points.

The result is a smart application and service that puts precision health into the hands of practitioners and consumers, helping them make more informed health decisions, contributing to transform health management towards a precise, safe, preventive and sustainable model.

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