Educe Design & Innovation | Molecular You Application
Educe Design & Innovation | Molecular You Application
Educe Design & Innovation | Molecular You Application
Educe Design & Innovation | Molecular You Application
Educe Design & Innovation | Molecular You Application
Educe Design & Innovation | Molecular You Application Elements


Molecular You

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Your molecular level diet, exercise and health plan? There’s an app for that.

Founded by world-leading scientists and clinicians in the personalized health sciences, Molecular You is a BC start-up poised to take the lead in implementing data-driven and personalized health delivery. Molecular You engaged Educe to envision, conceptualize, and bring to market a new solution that could help people navigate their personal health and wellness journey.

The Personalized Health Context

Molecules make up the fundamentals of who you are, your genetics provide a chemical blueprint, your proteins form structures and drive the function of your body, your metabolites are the products of all the life-sustaining processes that occur in your body, and you host your own multitude of microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast, and fungi.

Now, imagine using molecular level insights to plan your life

Molecular level insights can tell you more than you have ever known before. Imagine utilizing this information to plan and optimize the choices you make every day. Before stopping at the grocery store, you’d know exactly which healthy choices to make for your body. Before you hit the gym, you’d have a personalized workout routine drawn from a comprehensive understanding of your body on a molecular level. Before getting an adverse reaction to a supplement or medication, you would have early insights into the positive or negative affects on your unique self.

This is the complex big data backdrop and vision that Molecular You is using to fuel personalized health solutions and change medicine into a more data-driven science

Challenge & Opportunity

The challenge was to design a platform that facilitates the delivery of personalized health services, provides data-driven education and guidance to both individuals and health practitioners, and presents comprehensive biological information as personalized health advice.

“At its core, personalized health is about designing better health for people, not patients.”

Preventive, proactive and personalized health engages many communities of people – life scientists, consumers, caregivers, and healthcare and wellness professionals. Educe has had the opportunity to work with all of these user-groups to design a solution that could meet their needs in this developing field of personalized medicine.

The Solution

A partnership approach

Over the course of a year, Educe designers were embedded as core team members and worked alongside Molecular You’s founders and team to shape their product and services. In this year, Molecular You went from an initial concept and prototype to a fully developed digital platform. The Educe leadership team ensured that the health startup would have the creative talent it needed to operate post-launch, as well as a defined culture to would help it grow.

A new health platform

From the start, it was important to build an innovative, digitally fluent, secure and user-centered platform that would support practitioners in interpreting and delivering personalized health advice to clients during consultations. Once through a consultation, individuals are given the same information as the physician. Empowered by transparency and access to comprehensive knowledge of their health, individuals can take part in their health journey in a way that has not been possible before.

Working in close collaboration with software development partner OMx, Educe and the Molecular You team had to take risks, move fast, and iterate, test and implement prototypes nimbly. To understand the motivations of the practitioners and clients equally, the team leveraged Molecular You’s network of early adopters. These Pathfinder early users provided us with insights throughout their experience, allowing us to quickly iterate and refine prototypes throughout the duration of the product development process. Having that core group involved every step of the way made it easy for the team to keep clients at the center of the design and validate key decisions quickly.  

The result is a smart application and service that puts precision health into the hands of practitioners and consumers, helping them make more informed health decisions, and contributing to transform health management towards a precise, safe, preventive and sustainable model.

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