Educe Design & Innovation | Microbiome Insights Application
Educe Design & Innovation | Microbiome Insights Application
Educe Design & Innovation | Microbiome Insights Application
Educe Design & Innovation | Microbiome Insights Application
Educe Design & Innovation | Microbiome Insights Application


Microbiome Insights

Scope of Work

Software and Digital Design


Leading with gutsy data experiences

Microbiome Insights is a local company of experts in the emerging field of microbiome science—providing testing methods and comprehensive bioinformatics for clients interested in including microbiome analysis into their services and studies. Educe was invited to design a digital reporting application that translates individual microbiome analysis results in an engaging and comprehensive way.


The microbiome performs diverse functions that are critical to our health including immune system development and homeostasis, synthesizing nutrients such as vitamins and hormones, metabolizing medications and harvesting energy from our diet. Understanding the microbiome may enable early diagnosis of diseases, and manipulation of the microbiome may enable prevention or curing of diseases.

A challenge & opportunity

The challenge was to create a user friendly interface with features and functionalities that allow for scalability as analysis, data and insights grow, meanwhile making complex big data simple to understand. Scientific data is traditionally reported back as static PDF reports–the opportunity existed to increase engagement and provide a space for learning about the microbiome through interactivity in a web based, interactive application.

“The human microbiome is now one of the fastest growing areas of biology, with the potential to have an overwhelming impact on human health.”

The Solution

Our first steps in approaching this project were to evaluate the existing data visualization tools, uncover precedents in this emerging field, and discover the distinct way that Microbiome Insights wished to report and frame their analysis strengths to their clients. Designing user flows created intuitive pathways for users; from there, we explored additional tactics for the interface design to educate and engage users.

Creating a highly visual design system and layout to organize the information in a clean and intuitive way were our main objectives for the project. A key tactic we applied to the application was to display all information on a page within the browser frame. Experiencing all of the relevant information in one view provides users with a holistic data understanding. We applied interactivity when clicking between different graph types to further emphasize how the same information can be categorized and approached from different angles–the graphs morph and reshape to show the same data in different visualizations. This tactic also adds a dashboard feel to the user experience of the interface, creating autonomy to explore and learn from the report.

Hierarchy and placement of features indicate the key interactive elements, but individuals can freely explore their personal results by switching between key data visualizations and applying various levels of detail or comparative metrics to the results. The data visualizations are supported by drill-down capacity, providing the big picture overview and the detailed data connections in context.

Built to scale with the growing research, the application is currently focused on the gut health, but accommodates growth in both analysis parametres, annotations and future data.

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