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Transforming Learning Experiences

To standardize training and transform the overall learning experience, Educe designed and developed an end-to-end learning strategy and learning management tool for CHC Helicopter.

A complex global organization operating within strict regulatory requirements, CHC Helicopter found itself without effective training methods for its geographically dispersed team. CHC came to us with a need to increase learning engagement and provide learners with a comprehensive and standardized understanding of the curriculum in a seamless, efficient and timely manner. When CHC first approached Educe to create instructional videos for their corporate training, we uncovered the need to design a comprehensive solution for the entire learning experience— examining the flexibility of the learning technology, the quality of the content, and establishing training methods that align to their change management and learning behavioural goals.

We combined expertise in design, business strategy and technology to envision the experience that should exist in the new solution. Working closely with the team at CHC we were able to draw out a core foundation of the learning and training needs and create tools, features, and success metrics to support these. We applied a human centric design approach and shaped our concept around both the trainer and learner, their activities and their environments. Our objectives were:

  • to make learning meaningful and engaging, targeting multiple learning styles to make the complex simple
  • to simplify access to learning resources
  • to build a modular concept that improved training management environment that was global, proactive, live and easy to manage, update and expand upon
  • to move beyond compliance training and allow the team to really understand why they were performing specific tasks and create meaningful connections within the learning content

The Learning Hub is an online learning management platform that is currently serving over two thousand CHC Helicopter employees across the world. A custom designed application, the Learning Hub was designed to help the CHC employees feel more connected, educated and supported in their learning needs, and for trainers to have a tool that allows for proactive training management. From strategic design of the concept, to content creation, to design and development of the learning management platform, Educe delivered an end-to-end solution that addresses CHC Helicopter’s needs and creates an engaging user-centric learning experience.

The Learning Hub has significantly increased learner engagement by 65% over the course of six months. The elevated learning experience has reduced learner frustration, established a standard approach which has lowered the amount of errors in critical business processes, and increased learning exchanges across the organization. The time and cost spent on systems training has decreased by putting in place a sustainable technological platform and flexible educational framework that is built to scale and expand.

Seamless Access to learning resources

Globally dispersed teams create training implementation difficulties for even the most forward-thinking training departments. The platform houses learning content that includes critical business processes, supportive knowledge articles, and contains knowledge sharing tools all in one central place. The Learning Hub provides CHC Helicopter with a comprehensive multi-device, real-time tool that has simplified access to learning resources for employees and trainers at any location and any time of day.

Using a web-based framework for training erases geographical distances between people, and enables both trainers and learners to connect live, immediately and consistently. Updates happen across all countries simultaneously, providing equal access to training and upholding standardization of core knowledge and skills.

Giving Learning Presence & Centrality

Learning across many different cultures, languages and work situations demands strong visualizations to present complex concepts. The Learning Hub name and brand emphasizes the centrality of the learning solution, no matter where that learning activity happens. The identity is built upon the dual meaning of the term “hub”—denoting the effective center of an activity, region, or network and also the name of the attachment point for a helicopter’s main rotor blades. The helicopter industry represents transportation, travel and navigation which inspired a visual system that we used to map out the learnscape. The colour system in the Learning Hub identifies courses and content taxonomies, for which navigation tools such as maps became a natural metaphor to illustrate the macro view of the curriculum.

A Connected Environment

Visualizing the processes gives learners a big-picture perspective of how the content is connected. We used intuitive, adaptive strategies with strong visualizations to present complex concepts. Working together with the CHC team to map out the processes, we translated these into a subway-inspired map that serves as a visualization of the curriculum. The maps show the relationships and connections between departments, key business processes, steps in the processes, and courses and chapters. At a glance the learner can navigate and plan their learning also see their role in the bigger whole. This in turn makes learning more meaningful, creates grounds for cumulative development, and fosters immersive idea generation and innovation.

Proactive & Forward-Thinking

True learning is an expansive and evolving process. Rather than submitting to a model of an “annual dunk”, we have designed the solution to promote a proactive training model made of continual and contextual drips—shifting from a model of learning events to a learning culture with consistent, continuous talent and capability development. Built on incentives, decision making models, and motivational theory, the design has been focused on cues, rather than enforcing mechanisms, to generate purposeful actions and create a learning environment that can facilitate positive behaviour change.

Spurring Ownership

The forum facilitates in-context discussions between users and encourages informal knowledge exchanges, which spurs a shift from passive learning to learners becoming active producers of learning. A platform where employees can learn from each other and actively contribute to a shared discussion, the Learning Hub reduces instances where access to trainers becomes a bottleneck in the learning process. Trainers can gather valuable insights to where and how their training content can be improved, and knowledge and experiences can be shared across time zones, locations and areas of expertise.

A Great Solution is Built on a Great Experience

Visual, technical and dynamic media strategies were designed and developed to target multiple levels of pace, understanding (from novice to expert users) and a variety of learning styles. The visuals and layout are similar to music and video streaming applications, creating an overall learning experience that is flexible and choice-based. The progress notification system connects directly to learner profiles and allows learners to quickly pick up wherever they have left off. Users can keep track of their personal learning progress, and also receive visual cues to continue towards course completion. Alerts appear on course thumbnails when there are updates or new content added. The ability to bookmark content gives learners the opportunity to personalize their own learning and quickly access critical information via their profile.

“As the Health and Safety Expert for Humberside (UK), I recognize how problematic it is to convey such an informative and well-presented educational package. I would like to go on record as saying that this is the most enjoyable and enlightening training platform I have had the pleasure of partaking in, and that it has fully received my personal 5-star endorsement.”

–Michael Fawcett
Health & Safety Expert, CHC Helicopters

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