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CHC Helicopter

Scope of Work

Product Strategy
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Business Analysis & Translation
UI/UX Design
Web App Design & Development
Illustration & Motion Graphics
Video Production


Transforming Learning Experiences

A complex global organization operating within strict regulatory requirements, CHC Helicopter found itself without effective training methods for its geographically dispersed team. When CHC first approached Educe to create instructional videos for their corporate training, we uncovered the need to design a comprehensive solution for the entire learning experience— examining the flexibility of the learning technology, the quality of the content, and establishing training methods that align to their change management and learning behavioural goals.

Seamless Access to Learning Resources

Globally dispersed teams create implementation difficulties for even the most forward-thinking training departments. The Learning Hub was designed to connect CHC employees and support their individual learning needs—promoting an encouraging, active learning space where the learners can set their own pace. For trainers, the platform facilitates learning administration and erases geographical distances between people in the organization.

Visualizing the processes gives learners a big-picture perspective of how the content is connected.

Working together with the CHC team, we created subway-inspired maps that serve as visualizations of the curriculum. The maps show the relationships and connections between departments, key business processes, steps in the processes, and courses and chapters. At a glance the learner can navigate and plan their learning while also seeing their role in the bigger whole. This in turn makes learning more meaningful, creates grounds for cumulative development, and fosters immersive idea generation and innovation.

Challenge & Opportunity

CHC came to us with a need to increase learning engagement, while providing learners across many different cultures, languages and work situations with a comprehensive and standardized understanding of the curriculum. The Learning Hub includes many features that facilitate communication and collaborative learning. Encouraging users to contribute to their curriculum has established a proactive learning culture in an organization where change management has proved a challenge.

“As the Health and Safety Expert for Humberside (UK), I recognize how problematic it is to convey such an informative and well-presented educational package. I would like to go on record as saying that this is the most enjoyable and enlightening training platform I have had the pleasure of partaking in, and that it has fully received my personal 5-star endorsement.”

–Michael Fawcett
Health & Safety Expert, CHC Helicopters

The Solution

A Solution for Learners & Trainers

Cutting edge technologies are not an end in themselves and require a deeper understanding of human wants and needs. We investigated the particular circumstances, learning & training challenges and the user group—in this case the trainers managing the corporate training and the learners dispersed across continents, time-zones and work environments. For the learner, the Learning Hub was designed to help the CHC employees feel more connected, educated and supported in their learning needs. We wanted to enhance the learning experience and promote an encouraging, active learning space where the learners can set their own pace. For the trainers, the focus was on creating a framework that would facilitate learning administration and erase geographical distances between people in the organization.

Creating a Culture for Proactive Learning

Bringing training from a traditional face-to-face approach to the web involves a transformation of both content and method. By incorporating media-rich content into the interactive interface, we aimed to lower the threshold for learner engagement and evoke curiosity for continuous learning. Learners tend to absorb and retain information best in a dynamic format. With this in mind, we created video tutorials as the primary learning resource. The interactive video player is designed to provide the tools for a personalized learning experience and to target a multiplicity of learning styles. Supportive learning assets that include user guides, FAQ’s and discussion tools, complete the environment and enhance the learning experience.

Keeping in mind that the Learning Hub is used across many different cultures, languages and work situations, we implemented intuitive communication strategies with strong visualizations to present complex concepts. We worked together with the CHC team to map out their business processes and translated these into a subway-inspired process map. The map illustrates the overall learnscape and provides an overview of the training content as course paths, chapter sections and reveals the process relationships. Visualizing processes in an intuitive and simple way encourages learners to move beyond compliance training and gain a big-picture perspective of individual tasks.

It was key for us to address the ways in which people and teams are affected by organizational transitions. The Learning Hub includes incentives, decision making models, and motivational theory to cue purposeful actions and create a learning environment that can facilitate positive behaviour change.

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